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AzerothCore Individual Progression Single Player Repack


This is a WoW Wrath of the Lich King Single Player Repack based on AzerothCore. Unlike TrinityCore, AzerothCore is more specific for WotLK expansion (3.3.5)

Now you can enjoy the sensation of single player gameplay because AzerothCore has got the NPCBots Module and also add Individual Player Progression Module.

Individual Player Progression Module is meant to simulate "progress through expansions and expansion tiers" for individual players. Players must complete each tier in order to access content for the next tier.

Each tier is designed to simulate experience of being within that tier and expansion, within reasonable of the WotLK client. This means Vanilla content is like Vanilla WoW, and so on.

The goal of the module is to focus on journey of the player. All catch-up mechanisms have been removed. There is no goal of defeat end-game or find "fresh" server, because each new character is a fresh server.

For content that is added in later expansion that is provided for use in lower-level content and is not "catch-up" content, I have decided to remain. This includes Draenei and Blood Elf starting zone, Inscription and Jewelcrafting skills, new quests and hubs added to Vanilla world in TBC, and so on. I feel this content does not negative impact the player journey like "catch-up" content.

Thanks to trickerer and ZhengPeiRu21 for great module

You guys wanna try it?? Please download and play!

About this repack:

Core: Zaicopx AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots rev. 11a9689b3eda

NPCBots v5.3.195a

Latest update on May 20, 2023

Version DB world: ACDB 335.10-dev

Mysql: root, ascent

Repack: Click Here!

Individual Progression Patch : Click Here!

Value Number of Individual Progression Module Setting: Click Here!

List of Changes: Click Here!

This is a server how-to:

  • Download Repack
  • Download latest Zaicopx Individual Progression Patch
  • Extract Repack
  • Remember to DELETE "Source" Folder first.
  • Extract Zaicopx Individual Progression Patch.7z to repack folder, replace exe (Everything)

This is a how-to custom NPC:

  • Beast Master: .npc add 601026
  • Transmog: .npc add 190010
  • Instance/Raid Reset: .npc add 300000
  • Reagent Bank: .npc add 190012
  • Individual Progression Setter: .npc add 50000
How to use Npcbot:
  • You can use Macro NPCBots Spawn here: Click Here!
  • You can hire using command .hirebot (spawn temporary npcbots hire npc)

This is a server how-to close server:

  • In worldserver.exe just type "server shutdown 3" (Without ")
  • In authserver.exe just click ctrl+c
  • In mysql console just click ctrl+c
Do this so that your database is not corrupted.

Don't forget to modify worldserver.conf and module conf as desired.
You are able to configure anything you like.


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